Friday, 2 November 2007

Moving Forward

Having done our presentation, which provided us with feedback not only on our idea, but also the research we have to do date, and what else we could do to help us with our project. Our idea seems sound (thankfully) but we have been advised to use good sound, as it will rely alot on sound effects etc to make it real. This is very true, we need to get started on this!!! We have thought about recording thing ourselves; voices, bumps etc and adding it in during post production, but this will be discussed later on.

We have started to to think about modeling. Unfortunately, this is temporarily taking a back seat to the various other pieces of work we have to do at this time. However, we are planning to meet at some point during the next week (week 7 project week), to discuss what we have to do next, going forward, and discuss deadlines for the work.

We were hoping to have all modeling and rigging complete by the beginning of next term (yes that does include christmas holidays, but how much work we will get done in the vacation is beyond me!).


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