Monday, 29 October 2007


We have decided on our gremlins' jobs within the animation.

We sat down together and created the beginning and end of the story and then the animatic, and Chérie and Mary went away and wrote down what their gremlins will be doing.

The story is now as follows:

1. student is at library late, trying to write an essay he can not complete.
2. He gets a call and leaves his table
3. The gremlins come from hiding and meet at the students computer space
4. They decide their plan of action and set off to work
5 . My gremlin will stay and write the essay
6. Chérie's gremlin will go and find books to help write the essay
7. Mary's gremlin will grab some snacks for the starving student (he has been studying for a while, he needs some energy!)
8. They all meet back at the computer, while my gremlin completes the essay
9. The student makes his way back, as the gremlins scatter
10. My gremlin falls out of a book case beside the student
11. The student is freaked out....
12. The librarian comes over, tells the student to hush up (because its a library and his cries of shock are disturbing the peace!) and kicks the gremlin under a bookshelf
13. Leaves the student looking baffled
14. The end!

The animatic will be posted on the website very soon, so feel free to watch!


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