Monday, 29 October 2007

Character Ideas and story Pt 2

We thought about adding a character into our story, more importantly a student, as it is the norm for a student to be in a library working. Our gremlins, seeing as we didn't want them to be reckless and evil, could help the student with work. We did however want to maintain that air of naughtiness in their behavior. By having an actor to have the gremlins work around, it meant we could introduce the gremlins, let them do their thing and then tuck them away somewhere, and our actor could fill in the gaps and make the story a story. The gremlins would then have a purpose and the story would have structure to it... perfect!

We went back to the library and took more detailed pictures of the areas within the library - the photocopier, bookshelves, study tables, computers, the help desk etc all places that we could hide gremlins or have them doing something funny or sweet.

We decided, to allow us each to do our own thing within the animation, we will have our own gremlin, each complete with its own design and personality, to have its own section within the library, or its own job or role within the story. We will each have control over our won part of the animation, but we will have the gremlins integrating with each other, like a team, much like ourselves!!!

- Harn

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