Thursday, 11 October 2007

The story so far

The story so far is some information on what we have done so far, to get us to where we are now on the project.

At the end of our second year, we were given a choice of topics on which to do our final year project on. As me, Chérie and Mary are crazy about animation we decided to make something animated. Of the topics that were provided to us, we choice monsters on campus. The idea of strange creatures ripping up our UKC was somewhat appealing. And so, we left for the summer holidays bubbling with ideas. We stayed in contact all summer, sending ideas about what monsters we might have

We then met up on the 11th August to discuss ideas for what we wanted. I proposed the idea of gremlins, which i had seen in a comic book i was reading. Seeing as this would mean we wouldnt have to model fur, it seemed like a good idea, something that we could really play with and make our own. How many students had made gremlins for their FYP? We wrote up possible activities and things the gremlins could be doing (and generally what the film may look like) and started on our research.

This is also the day that Manic Monkey was born giving us a name to put our work under.


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