Friday, 12 October 2007

New Designed Website Uploaded

After a series of changes to the design and colours on our website, new website is now working and uploaded.

New design now intergrades much better with the logo, in terms of colour wise, the whole website is more clear and readable then before. Fonts were kept the same as before which is the same font as the logo, but sizes were changed to present a more reasonable readable text.

Problem was encountered; main link buttons, which at first was going to be Photoshop images, imported to flash as a button, but resizing the image in flash had change the quality of the imported images, making the button look low in quality. To solve this problem, we decided to use a normal text buttons instead of imported images buttons.

More updating in the website will be done when more progress is made. Link is now set to the bottom of right hand side menu.


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