Thursday, 24 January 2008


We are well into the actual making of the project now, so yesterday we started filming our footage on which our gremlins will be modeled (having received permission form the lovely library folk as well as our filming permit last week). We had a two hour slot, but alot of time was chewed up by camera checks and also briefing the actors we were using on what exactly we had to do.

Mary and chérie controlled the filming section, checking shots, whereas i helped to brief the actors. We chose the same location to film in that we found for when we did our research, and took pictures of in the library. Lighting however presented the biggest issue, as it was (for once) a bright day, so eliminating as much bright natural light was necessary, but also the library is well lit so we had to take that into account too. Our filmed footage will therefore be much brighter than envisioned, but that is however the atmosphere within the library!!!

With the hour we had left for filming, we shot all the parts with actors, and any scenes that were within the same area, so that our camera shots were all uniform. We filmed our student, our librarian, our sleeping stranger and also views of the desk at which the computer sits, where we will be animating our gremlins. This included a section of chérie's part of the story (and includes a book trolly!). We then reviewed the footage and extracted what we needed from the tape on the morning of 24th. I have organised another filming session for monday morning. In this shoot we will hopefully get all of the shots for animating on ie bookshelves, desks, photocopiers etc. Once this is complete, we can finally start editing the footage together.


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