Thursday, 31 January 2008

This weeks progress

On monday we went back to the library to finish up filming. In this session we filmed all of the areas that we will be animating our gremlins into, for example, bookshelves, desks and trolley's. Overall we were filming for an hour or two and we managed to get all of the footage down. We then extracted the footage on wednesday, separated each team members bit from all the footage and we are all editing our own section of the film. This will allow us all to have a go at the editing job, and also set the scene up for personal preference by each team member.

However we are unhappy with some of the footage, and so are going to re-film some parts on tuesday 5th to correct this. We intended to have our footage edited by friday, but because of this set back we are unable to get this completed until next week.

However our gremlins are close to completion and it is important that we finish up the editing so we can get into animating.

- Harn

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