Thursday, 24 January 2008


This is our project plan, which was drawn up at the beginning of the project.

Unfortunately with a very busy christmas holiday all group members are slightly behind on the completion of their gremlin. This has therefore put us behind. We are now ensuring all modeling, texturing and rigging is completed by 1st February. This will allow us to start animating on the footage which is also to be edited by the 1st February. Once these two pieces are complete, animating can commence. Therefore we must ensure that we stick to or stay as close as we can at least to the times we have organised.

We are now having weekly meetings to check each others progress and to re-address our schedule and plan, to ensure that we are keeping ahead of what is required for this project.

Other dates include:
Beginning of Post Production on 11th Feb
Final touches on 3rd March
Begin render on 10th Feb (1 week ahead of schedule to do test renders)
Complete project on the 4th April

- Harn

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