Saturday, 29 March 2008


The composited film is now completed!

Final editing, title animation, credits, DVD menu and cover is all done in the past few days. This work load was separated up to make it more efficient, at the very end, we put them all in premiere before the final rendering.

Before final rendering, we decided to ask our supervisor and lecturers for some comments. With some useful comments, we decided to cut down the film from 6 min (approx) to 3 mins (approx)and also added some extra bits inbetween to make the movie flow better and easier to understand.

After editing some parts, we all watched the film and all approved to render out as a final film and burnt it on to DVD.

Asset folder is all now together inside a folder, DVD will be burnt shortly, separated to the film as the files are too big.

Completed film and assets files DVDs will be all handed in first thing on Monday


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