Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Post Presentation and production

The Presentation passed by and it went well, we presented our 3D models and in the last few weeks have been completing animating.

The edited library footage has been imported into maya and projected through a camera so we can animate our gremlins against a background. Each team member has animated their own section of the film using scenes, and we will be putting all individual bits together at the end. In parts of the film where a group of gremlins are shown we will be doing shared animation - sharing the maya file and adding each gremlin in individually.

What is greatly important is shadows and lighting, which is what we are currently working on in our scenes now that animating is pretty much sorted. Use of the two will help to make the gremlins look more real and also like they are part of the 2D footage, which is very important!! We have been looking into methods of adding shadows in through maya and also through after effects, to see which will give us the best results.

We are also looking into a soundtrack and thinking about what kinds of sound we will be using :)


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