Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Post Production and Final Editing

In the last 3 weeks, all animation and editing is completed. Gremlins are all animated, shadowed by adding lighting and planes (which is set as background texture) in Maya.

Throughout animating, some problems were involved. We went back to the library to record some more footage and also filmed outside of the library for us to use for the beginning of our film.

Each member has now rendered out their own work in After Effect. All Maya files were rendered as .iff files then import to after effect for more post-production. To make gremlin and the props look like they are part of the footage, we use tools such as masking and effects such as blue, grain and brightness to adjust.

Each member produced their own individual scenes, and also worked together on scenes when more than one gremlin was shown. Once composition was complete for each scene, it is all rendered out with the original footage in high quality QuickTime format (.mov).

Sound is also recorded in Garageband; this includes sound effects and gremlin voices, which were rendered as mp3. (We all record our own sound for our gremlin)
Soundtrack has also been made in garage band.

Because Harn is took less part in animation, she has been organising the footage together in Premier pro, putting the footage in the layout of the animatic, staying true to the original idea. Sound is also being worked on and is currently being added into the film.

The final editing will be completed as a group, this will involve organising titles, adding credits, DVD menu and cover and making sure the film flows before rendering out it as final film-This will be discuss and worked on tomorrow. After final product is produced, very shortly we will organise an audience testing to get feedback.


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